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Improve production efficiency in your limited factory space with original, customized equipment!
Defectiveness rate decreased from 4% to 1%!

Equipment custom built to fit the user’s needs (example): Number of processing caps and liquid nozzles
Fully customizable designs made to suit the customer’s production scale, objectives, and design layout
Special substrates and custom products ready in no time
Capable of use with multiple wafer sizes at once! (E.g. 2&4 inches, 4&6 inches, 6&8 inches, etc)

ASAP offers everything from manual machinery
for research and development use to mass production equipment

  • <Manual machine>
  • <Φ300 FOUP compatible machine>
  • <3-cup mass production machine>
Order made product examples

We have significant experience making products to order,
including for UC Berkeley’s Nano Lab in the US.

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