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Product Information

Lift-off Machine

  • High pressure jet lift-off equipment with a special nozzle developed by ASAP
  • Compact chassis without DIP bath
  • Single-wafer type can prevent metals from re-attaching
  • Quick processing with no need of swelling treatment
  • Available for thick-film metals or micro-pattern
  • Ideal as resist stripping system after dry etching

High spec

  • Processing capacity of 600 wafers/day or more
  • High spec model with all options

Installed with three stages or four stages, and processing capacity of 600 wafers/day or more. Jet nozzle can be configured with 10 different speeds and operating range of scanning, as well as 50 different processing patterns. Automatic switching allows up to four pressure settings. All problems such as re-attachment, dirt on the back or residue from lift-off caused by dipping will be solved.


  • Standard type with processing capacity of 300 wafers/day
  • Unitized cluster system provides the closest attainment of specifications

Installed with two stages and processing capacity of 300 wafers/day or more. Compact automatic transferring machine for mass-production according to wafer size. Cross-contamination free performance enables resist stripping processing as well as lift-off processing. Removes burrs and residue, which is difficult to do by ultrasonic cleaning.


  • A compact unit that is specialized for research and development
  • Can be customized for special materials and processing

Minimum wafer processing equipment, that is laboratory-specific, is available for all types of customization. Not only can we install wafer-transferring robots, but manually operated machines are available as well. Quick sample treatments can be made, which usually take many minutes in beaker experimental testing, and contribute to improving development speed.