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Product Information


  • Coating and baking of resists, polyimides and dopants are fully automated cassette-to-cassette.
  • Compact chassis according to wafer size
  • Wafers of multiple sizes can be processed without changeover
  • Variety of performance from low-viscosity to high-viscosity
  • Conveyance system that can handle warping of 200 μm or more
  • Variety of menu options makes reduction of cost of ownership and custom-made items available

High spec

  • Processing capacity of 1,000 wafers/day or more
  • High spec model with all options

Equipped with two double-hand wafer-carrying robots. Unlike existing procedure carried out by robots, which index and process, processing unit and positioning of robots are customized to achieve reduction of footprint and transportation with high efficiency, in consideration of process flow of users. Processing unit can be installed up to a maximum seven-stage, multi-stage baking unit of laminated type can be extended up to a maximum of five stages. In order to maximize processing power, it has a processing capacity of 1,000 wafers/day or more with tuning of software tailored to processing time.


  • Standard type with processing capacity of 500 wafers/day
  • Cluster system that is unitized provides the closest attainment of specifications

Automatic transferring machine for mass-production equipped with double-hand wafer-carrying robots. Processing unit can be installed up to a maximum of four stages. Multi-stage baking units of laminated type can be extended up to a maximum of five stages. Processing capacity of 500 wafers/day or more, and is suitable for processing using various chemical solutions from low-viscosity to high-viscosity.


  • A compact unit that is specialized in research and development
  • Can be customized for special materials and processing

Minimum wafer processing equipment that is laboratory-specific, and which is available for all types of customization. It is equipped with wafer transferring robots, and fragmentation can also be processed. Perfect devices for research purposes are available, such as dispensing high-viscosity fluids of 10,000 cp or more, or high temperature curing of 400℃ or higher.