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Cooperative Businesses
Partners Wanted

Seeking Partnership in Supplying Materials

We are seeking partners or businesses that will supply materials to ASAP


ASAP is seeking partners who can supply the following items:
Please contact us.

Item: Sheet metal parts
  • SUS frame for chassis
  • Parts of welding structure for solvent processor
  • Brackets for all different parts (SUS or aluminum)
  • SUS covers for all units

They are all important parts in which appearance of the device is accounted for.
We welcome hearing from you who have confidence in the surface finish of your products.

Item: Machine processing parts
  • Cut and shaved processing parts made of engineering plastics such as PTFE、PEEK、POM, etc.
  • Spin shafts made of SUS (up to 6,000 rpm)
  • Machined parts made of SUS, aluminum or ceramics
  • Processing of aluminum sheet metal of 1,000×1,000 or more (t=20)

Because we produce a lot of parts requiring a precision of 1/100, we are seeking partners who are confident in machining accuracy.

Item: Electric component
  • Photoelectronic sensor, pressure sensors or flow sensors that have special features such as chemical resistance, pressure‐resistance or heat resistance, etc.
  • Expendables such as ducts and cables, etc.
  • Connector that has special characteristics such as high workability or reasonable prices
  • Processing of aluminum sheet metal of 1,000×1,000 or more (t=20)

Our Supply Policy

We believe in contribution to society and community by providing products which offer confidence and satisfaction to our customers.
We would like to find understanding of our principle, as stated later, in our cooperative businesses or partners who are interested in doing business with us. We are more than willing to establish mutual trust as much as a relationship of coexistence supporting your efforts on improving quality, cost reduction and meeting delivery deadlines.

1. Compliance
ASAP Co., Ltd. complies with relevant laws, such as Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors, and Anti-Monopoly Act, etc., in making purchases.
2. Fair Transaction on an Equal Basis
Based on the company’s basic philosophy that we conduct fair and appropriate transactions with domestic or overseas suppliers according to no discriminative rule.
3. Principle of Free Competition
ASAP Co., Ltd. continually seeks new relationships with suppliers, as well as maintaining good partnerships with our proven business partners. ASAP is seeking partners who can supply the following items. Please contact us: